August/September Events

Long overdue, here are the results for our club events for August and September.


Seven teams took part in this year’s Trout Lake Tangle.  Once again the big ones remained elusive.  Let’s take a look at the standings:

1. Fuller/Sirianni – 3 lbs 14 oz
2. Martin/Brentwood – 2 lbs 10 oz
3. Brennan/McKinnon – 2 lbs 0 oz
4. Carbajal/Langton – 1 lb 15 oz
5. Ricciardi/Ponce – 1 lb 10 oz
6. DeMatos – 1 lb 9 oz
7. Reid/Reid – 1 lb 8 oz


Four teams made it out for the September event at Shannon Lake.  Mike Ricciardi’s 2 lb 2 ounce bass was the biggest catch of the day as him and Ryan Sirianni took the title for 2014.

1. Ricciardi/Sirianni

2. Martin/McKinnon

3. Carbajal/Langton

4. Mozart/Nicholson

1779705_10152276777200213_4164254288511756170_nMike with the day’s big fish. 10336838_10154565869200123_3158828128651640250_nA great day was had by all.

July Event – Vaseux Lake


It’s safe to say that Vaseux Lake has given up some big bass.  There is possibly no other lake in British Columbia with as many stories of 10+ pound largemouth as this bass sanctuary along Highway 97.  However, these giant fish seem to disappear in the summer months, when the lake becomes overrun with 10 to 14 inch smallmouth.

The OBA July event took place this past Saturday, July 12th on Vaseux Lake and pit six randomly-paired teams against one another in a test of brain and brawn to see who could figure out the bass and also navigate this row-only lake.  After a brief, early meeting and the handing out of the tournament materials, the anglers were headed out at 5:15 a.m.  Teams could choose which of the 3 launches they wanted to put in at, but everyone had to meet at the north-end parking lot by 10:30.Vaseux5 - small

The teams were as follows:

1. Carlos D. and Ryan S.

2. Mike R. and Antonio C.

3. Jesse M.(myself) and Carlos P.

4. Carlo C. and Jarett L.

5. Dave B. and Ben N.

6. Kenyon and James F.

Most of the anglers were club veterans, but James and Kenyon were an interesting story.  Not only were they fishing Vaseux Lake for the first time, but they drove all the way from Trail the night before for the event.  Both had their first encounters with the OBA at the May event on Christina Lake where they joined in the OBA-run Christina Lake Derby because the usual May-Long weekend derby had been cancelled.  They kicked butt there, and were looking for more of the same on Saturday despite fishing unfamiliar waters.

July 2014 event 3

Dave/Ben, Me/Carlos, and James/Kenyon were all fishing a similar area for the first half of the day and got off to a solid start.  When one of the monster largemouth that call this lake home followed Dave’s spinnerbait in without biting, he knew he was inches away from a possible win.  These three teams would trade smallies, with James/Kenyon catching the biggest of the morning, a 1 lb 3 oz specimen they dinged on a jerkbait.

The remaining three teams would focus on the opposite end of the lake, also catching mostly smallmouth.  Carlo and Jarett would manage a few small largemouth, but none of the big ones would show their face today.  It would be all about the smallmouth.

Mike was forced to fish alone as Antonio nursed a sore back at home, but it didn’t hold him back as he had a plan.  He figured out an area and went to work, catching about a dozen smallmouth in the 0.5 to 1.5 pound range.  He also saw a much bigger one swimming underneath his boat, but couldn’t get it to hook up.  Mike lamented the fact he was fishing solo noting that several times he had hooked a fish and had another fish follow it in, but nobody to cast to that other fish.

Carlos D. and Ryan would put together a solid day, catching a limit with all of their fish close to a pound.  It was a similar story to Dave and Ben.  In fact, every team would manage at least 4 keepers, with 4 of the 6 teams weighing 5 fish limits.

Me and Carlos P. were off to a modest start, with 3 fish under a pound in the first 3 hours.  With time ticking, we weren’t feeling confident with our day.  However, Carlos, who was also fishing Vaseux Lake for the first time, would tie into a bigger smallmouth that weighed 1 lb 12 oz on his secret bait to improve our chances.  A last minute decision would save our day, as we caught six bass over a pound in the final hour of the tournament to cap off a solid day on the water.

When all was said and done, the final scoreboard looked like this:

July 2014 event 1

While many fish were caught, the big ones remained elusive. Carlos’ 1 lb 12 oz smallmouth would hold on as the big fish of the day, as a plethora of 12 oz to 1 lb 8 oz bass would be weighed in, but none touching Carlos’.  He would take home the grand prize of a Berkley Powerbait tackle bag filled with baits and ready to fish to take along on his future fishing adventures.  As the sun rose in the sky and the day turned hotter, the 11 anglers that took part in this event got together for a group photo which I hope to put on this site soon as Dave sends it my way.  All in all, it was a great event for July, and a real test for all involved.

July 2014 event 2

The winning team with 2/5 of their stringer, a doubleheader in the final hour.

The 2nd Annual Solana Bay Invitational

Six teams squared off in the golf-style Solana Bay Invitational on Sunday, April 26th on Osoyoos Lake.  Solana Bay was divided into 6 holes (plus one main lake hole) and competitors were allowed 1 hour in each of 5 holes on a counter-clockwise rotation from hole-to-hole.  Only one fish from each hole would count, so it was all about consistency.

This event would prove especially tough as the weed chopper had recently been through the bay, frightening the fish and muddying up the water.  Add to this the fact that the water was still a couple feet lower than usual for this time of year and it was fixing to be a tough event.

Teams were set-up ahead of time, pairing mostly novice with experienced anglers except for one exception, the father/son team of Eric and Jonathon Arnold who had travelled up from Omak, Washington to compete.  Despite being from a foreign country, they were no strangers to Osoyoos Lake, finishing 2nd at last year’s event and winning on Osoyoos back in October at the OK Classic.

The six teams were as follows:

1.  Eric and Jonathon Arnold

2.  Mike Ricciardi and Jarett Langton

3. Carlo Carbajal and Carlos Ponce Lorenzo

4. Carlos DeMatos and John Brentwood

5. Jesse Martin and Derek Morris

6. Dave Wood and Ben Nicholson

Derek would get his team off to an early start, catching a 1 lb 13 oz largemouth in their first hole.  Eric also made a catch in his first hole, and Mike and Jarett were also active early.  As the day went on and the pressure kept up, fishing slowed down.  With such tough conditions in the bay it soon became apparent that one hold in particular would be key… The main lake hole.

Jesse caught a 1 lb 4 oz smallmouth during his team’s hour in the main lake, his biggest of the day.  Jarett would also ding a 2 pounder in the main lake.  However the game-breaker was the 2 lb 15 oz smallmouth Team Arnold would boat out there, giving them a healthy advantage.  While there were over a dozen fish boated in Solana Bay itself, none were bigger than the 1 lb 13 oz bass that Derek would start the day off with.  It was apparent that the conditions had either scattered the big fish, or severely buttoned their lips.  No smallmouth were caught in Solana Bay at all.  Wood/Nicholson would provide some last minute drama, catching their biggest bass just as the whistle sounded at noon to end the event.

When it was said and done, two teams caught a fish in each of their 5 holes.  Martin/Morris and Ricciardi/Langton each managed at least one in every hole.  However this would not be enough to challenge the Arnolds’ big bass as they would come out on top.  The final standings would look like this:

1.  Arnold/Arnold – 5 lbs 10 oz (big bass 2 lbs 15 oz)

2.  Martin/Morris – 4 lbs 12 oz (big bass 1 lb 13 oz)

3.  Ricciardi/Langton – 4 lbs 1 oz (big bass 2 lbs 1 oz)

4.  Wood/Nicholson – 2 lbs 5 oz (big bass 1 lb 5 oz)

5. DeMatos/Brentwood – 1 lb 10 oz (big bass 1 lb)

6. Carbajal/Lorenzo – blank

Ricciardi and Langton would improve their luck after the event after they moved out to the main lake where Langton would tie into an 18″ smallmouth, good for a Master Angler certificate!

The next event is at Christina Lake for May long weekend from May 16 to 19.

The Iceman Tiebreaker

At the March meeting the topic came up of how the 2014 Iceman would be crowned.  With both Donavon Cole and Jesse Martin tied for first with 29 points, a tiebreaker would be needed to determine the champ.  The idea was put on the table and a suggestion was made:

Have the two remaining competitors jump in the lake.  Whoever lasts longer would be the true “Iceman.”

This idea was met with support from the members, however, Donovan and Jesse were less than excited.  Both competitors reluctantly agreed to this idea and plans were made to go through with it after the club meet-up at Canadian Tire on Friday.

Both competitors suited up and began their descent into the frigid waters near the S.S. Sicamous on Okanagan Lake.  If you want to see what happened next, click here:

As both competitors walked up to the parking lot after their chilly dip, Donovan reached down to the pavement and picked up a golden plastic token from the concrete.  He handed it to Jesse and said “Congratulations.”  On the token were the Greek words “Veni, Vada, Vici.”  In English they mean “I came, I saw, I conquered.”  An appropriate gift to our 2014 Iceman!



IceMan #5: Yellow Lake

Four entered with a legitimate chance to take home the coveted 2014 Iceman crown, but only one would take the title home.  Heading into the final event, with current leader Jesse Martin sitting this one out, it looked like Ryan Sirianni’s moment to shine.  Sitting one point back, with two first places so far this season, Sirianni had a wide open field ahead of him.  But one thing stood in his way… History.

Before the event, Ryan commented that he never did well at Yellow Lake.  He had fished it from shore in the open season and through the ice before, but both times were fruitless.  Iceman 5 would prove to be a tough fish with bites hard to come by.  All he needed was to beat a single 6 ounce brook trout and the title would be his.

It was not to be.

Carlo Carbajal caught the 6 ounce brook trout that knocked out Ryan’s hopes.  Carbajal was out of the running, but willing to play spoiler and squash his friend Ryan’s hopes of taking home the title.  In the end it would be Carlo’s partner Donovan Cole that would reap the greatest reward, taking the victory without catching a single fish.  Like they say, it’s all in the draw, and Donovan drew the lucky partner today.

Amadeus Mozart would just miss out on his chance to take the title.  A victory would push him into a tie for first.  Unfortunately, 4 ounces was all he could muster, and second place would put him in a tie with Sirianni for the overall points.

It was a tough fish, but in the end the scoreboard looked like this:

Yellow Lake

The victory pushes Donovan Cole into a tie for first place with Jesse Martin, and means Ryan Sirianni and Amadeus Mozart are both tied for third.  Not bad for a couple of rookies.  However, it remains to be seen what the tiebreaker will be for Cole and Martin.  This will definitely be one of the subjects up for discussion at the monthly meeting coming up on Wednesday, so stay tuned to find out how the 2014 Iceman will be decided!



Breaking Down the Remaining Contenders for IceMan 2014

And then there was four…

Ryan Sirianni, Amadeus Mozart, Donovan Cole, and myself are the remaining anglers in the quest for the 2014 Iceman trophy and it will all come down to this Saturday.  Here is a look at what it will take for each angler to win outright, or at least tie for the Iceman award.

Ryan Sirianni

To win outright:  Win Iceman #5 on Saturday.

To tie:  Finish second place on Saturday.

ODDS of winning:  3 to 1

Amadeus Mozart

To win outright: No chance.

To tie:  Win on Saturday.

ODDS of winning:  6 to 1

Donovan Cole

To win outright: No chance

To tie:  Win on Saturday.

ODDs of Winning:  6 to 1

Jesse Martin

To win outright:  Ryan finishes 3rd or lower on Saturday.  Amadeus finishes 2nd or lower.  Donovan finishes 2nd or lower.

To tie:  Ryan finishes 2nd, and/or Amadeus finishes 1st and/or Donovan finishes 1st.

ODDS of winning:  3 to 1

Each angler has a valid chance of winning, but you have to think it will be at least a tie after Saturday’s event.  The odds of Ryan finishing 3rd or lower and either Donovan or Amadeus not winning are pretty low.  If it does end up in a tie, location and date for a tiebreaker will be discussed at the OBA meeting on Wednesday.

Best of luck to all competitors!  Yellow Lake should be a blast.

IceMan #4 – The Trout Lake Sequel

At the February OBA meeting, it was decided that Solana Bay was simply not fishable through the ice due to low water levels and bad ice, so that meant a change of venue to the reliable and productive Trout Lake.

Five teams set out to see what the lake had in store: Carbajal/Broesch, Cole/Sirianni, Mozart and son, J. Reid/S. Reid, and Martin/L.Reid.  The teams spread out to the four corners of the lake, looking to see where the most productive population of perch would be found.

Sirianni got off to a quick start, catching three solid perch including a 10 ouncer within the first half an hour.  Across the lake, Martin was pulling in two of his own as the teams jumped out of the gate.

Small bass were plentiful, but Tim Broesch hooked into something big in the morning that was “pulling drag” from his reel.  Unfortunately, he lost it at the hole so we will never know what he was tied into.  He did however, tie into several in the 3-4 ounce range.


Team Reid (minus Logan) managed an early perch to get things going, but were quiet for awhile before picking things up as noon approached.  They would manage a limit of small bass and a 3 ounce perch before the day ended.

Meanwhile, the defecting Reid son, Logan, would tie into a 9 ounce perch while paired with Jesse Martin to turn his family green with envy.  They would add another fat perch as well as 3 ounce bass to finish a solid Trout Lake limit for the day.

At the other end of the lake, Donovan Cole was reeling in a jumbo 10.5 inch perch, the closest anyone has come to a Master Angler certificate, that tipped the scales at 11 ounces for big fish of the day.


Mozart and son had to call it quits at 11:30, missing out on an hour and a half of fishing and a possible limit.  Who knows what would have happened if they had been able to finish the day.

Finally, 1:00 rolled around and the final weigh-in began.  First to the scales were Carbajal/Broesch who managed a 5 ounce perch and limit of small bass to total 15 ounces.

Cole/Sirianni followed with four fat perch totaling 2 lbs 3 ounces, plus a 3 ounce bass to give them a respectable 2 lbs 6 ounce bag.

Next up were James and Shaun Reid who weighed their limit that totaled 11 ounces, good for fourth.

Finally, Logan and Jesse stepped to the scales to weigh their 4 fat perch.  However, they weren’t as big as Cole/Sirianni, as their limit topped out at 2 lbs 1 ounce, 5 ounces back of the leaders.

iceman4 scoreboard

A celebrating Ryan Sirianni proclaimed his victory to the mountain tops, moving him into striking distance of the 2014 Iceman title, but he will have his teammate Donovan Cole nipping at his heels.  As Tim Broesch put on a clinic with his expert fillet skills the question remained:  Just who has the guts, iron-will, and nerves of steel to become the 2014 Iceman?

master at workmaw2



IceMan #3 – Vaseux Lake

The third Iceman event took place on February 8th at Vaseux Lake.  The timing was impeccable for the OBA as it would shape up to be one of the few weekends when Vaseux would be safe to fish through the ice.  With a cold snap leading up to the event, there were 8-9 inches of solid ice for the anglers to deal with.  However, a cold wind from the south would make conditions less than comfortable on the lake.

With temperatures at -10 at 9 a.m. the anglers took off from the south end of the lake to their chosen spots.  After four hours of fishing it would prove to be one of those days where having the right spot would matter the most, as the team of Martin and Wood would come out on top with a 3 pound stringer, the only one of the day, as the Fuller/Ricciardi team would take 2nd with two perch that would total 6 ounces.

Martin and Wood managed 4 different species in their lucky spot: sunfish, perch, largemouth bass, and peamouth chub.  Two of the teams, Carbajal/Mozart/Mckinnon and Reid and sons would end the day skunked.

This turn of events would give Martin a commanding lead over second place Mozart, 27 to 19, but with two events to go, there is plenty of time to make up this ground.  Stay tuned!


IceMan #2 – Shannon Lake

On Saturday, January 25th the second Iceman event took place on Shannon Lake in West Kelowna.  Eight members squared off in four teams:

1. Donovan Cole/Amadeus Mozart

2. Jesse Martin/Ryan Sirianni

3. Carlo Carbajal/Daniel Lo

4. Tim Broesch/Antonio Cangiano

Ryan struck first, catching a 1 lb 9 oz rainbow trout just fifteen minutes into the day.  Martin/Sirianni fished the area hard for the next half hour, but were fruitless so they moved on to another area.  Not long after, Mozart/Cole moved in to the same area and began to go to work.  They caught two solid trout, each just over a pound to take the lead as Martin/Sirianni worked an area within watching distance.

Meanwhile, Broesch/Cangiano began to go to work catching small bass, ten in total including a decent trout about a pound.  Carbajal and Lo had a slow start on an unfamiliar lake to both anglers, and hoped to put together a solid afternoon.

Sirianni/Martin fought off hordes of local anglers who pressured their new spot, and eventually found a few bites.  Ryan would pull up a monster perch, 1 lb 1 oz, to keep them close to the lead.  With less than an hour to go, Martin finally caught his first fish of the day, a fat 1 pound perch, and lost another of similar size immediately after.  About two minutes later he would pull in a 14″ trout for his final bite of the day in a five minute flurry that would compromise his entire day’s action.

As the final buzzer sounded, Martin/Sirianni felt confident, but then they ran into Cole/Mozart who had caught a 2 lb rainbow trout in the closing minutes to make for an interesting finish. This development, plus the ex-factor of Tim Broesch and his otherworldly ice fishing skills would make for a wide open finish.

Broesch and Cangiano would weigh first, and would also put up the only limit of the day.  Unfortunately, their largest bass was only 4 ounces, which added up to a 1 lb 14 oz limit.  Lo and Carbajal would manage only a single bass, weighing in at 2 ounces.


Cole and Mozart with three very nice trout.

Next up were Cole and Mozart who weighed 3 solid rainbow trout that combined for 4 lbs 6 oz, but it wouldn’t be enough as Sirianni and Martin’s 4 keepers would add up to an Iceman weight record of 5 lbs 1 oz topping last year’s Yellow Lake record of 4 lbs 2 oz by nearly a pound.  Amadeus Mozart would take the big fish honours for the second event in a row, with his 2 pound 0 oz rainbow trout, another Iceman record!


R. Sirianni and J. Martin with their winning fish

With two Iceman events in the books, the leaderboard looks like this:

1. A. Mozart  – 19 points

2. R. Sirianni – 18 points

2. T. Broesch – 18 points

4. J. Martin – 17 points

5. C. Carbajal – 15 points

6. D. Lo – 14 points

7. M. Ricciardi – 9 points

7. Cameron* – 9 points

7. D. Cole – 9 points

7. Ryan* – 9 points

11. A. Cangiano – 8 points

12. Ryan* – 7 points

13. J. Reid – 6 points

13. L. Reid – 6 points

13. S. Reid – 6 points

IceMan #1 – Trout Lake

It was a rainy January morning in Penticton.  Unseasonably warm at 6 degrees Celsius.  Fourteen anglers took off from their homes to the mountain confines where the first IceMan event of 2014 would take place.  While the conditions looked for soupy ice in the valley, the elevation of Trout Lake kept temperatures 5-6 degrees cooler than Penticton.

The anglers met in the parking lot to go over teams, rules and meeting times and soon enough they were on their way.  Amadeus, Ryan, Cameron and Jesse each put in for the Big Fish pot.  The teams included both veteran and rookie anglers and were mixed accordingly like so:

-Mike R./Cameron/Tony

-Tim B./Amadeus/Evan

-Carlo C./Ryan S.


-James R./Logan R./Shaun R.

Mike’s team got off to a hot start, catching a couple perch and a dozen or so bass within the first hour.  James and sons also had a couple early catches, including a perch and a bass both weighing 4 ounces.  Daniel caught his team’s first perch, while Jesse went to work adding a few bass to their stringer.  All three teams fished in the same neighborhood and compared notes as they went.  The morning bite was definitely on!

Action slowed as noon approached, but both Tim and Amadeus continued to pull in a few fish.  It was Carlo and Ryan who would make the biggest leap at the end of the day, pulling in two clutch perch to jump in the standings and push the leaders.

When all was said and done, Amadeus walked off with the Big Fish prize, an 8 ounce perch earning him $20 which he wisely put towards his club membership.  Welcome aboard Am!  The final standings would look like this:

Tim and Amadeus

1. Tim/Amadeus/Evan – 1 lb 15 oz (1 bass, 4 perch)

Mikes Team

2.  Mike/Tony/Cameron – 1 lb 13 oz. (1 bass, 4 perch)

Trout Lake - Carlo and Ryan

3.  Carlo/Ryan S. – 1 lb 9 oz (2 bass, 3 perch)

Trout Lake - Daniel

4.  Jesse/Ryan/Daniel – 1 lb 6 oz (4 bass, 1 perch)

Trout Lake - Logan

5. James/Logan/Shaun – 8 oz (1 bass, 1 perch)

Trout Lake - Standings

Congrats to our winners and thanks to everyone who made it out.  Check out the standings page for the most current IceMan standings!